Who are us?

We are Indonesia start up company that provide digital ecosystem to fulfill both local content creators and users needs in modern era.


Galactic Multimedia is Indonesia start up company that focused on digital community. We started from application store called Oomph that provides wide variety of Android games and applications.

In late 2019, we launched new platform called Brisik that focused on tourism and cultivate local resources. In second quarter of 2020, we launch another platform called Feedio, that focused on video content and supporting local video creators.

Using these three platforms as main pillars, we have successfully built a healthy digital community in Indonesia.

How It Works

All of our platforms are integrated each other. While Brisik platform is cultivating local talents to expose their region unique value to the world, our Feedio platform is helping them to visualize those potential using videos. Powered by Oomph that connected with payment system and already have a lot of users, an inter-connected ecosystem has been established between these three platforms.