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Western Slot Machine

Western Slot Machine
Inlogic - Game
Bonus 3 Poin

Western Slot Machine

Rp 15,000

Beli Rp 15,000      Berlangganan  

Beli Rp 15,000      Berlangganan  


 Western Slot Machine 1
 Western Slot Machine 2
 Western Slot Machine 3
 Western Slot Machine 4
 Western Slot Machine 5

Want to try your luck?  Just spin the wheels and enjoy big wins.
Play the best wild casino slots for free and experience the real thrill of Las Vegas! Enjoy all the fun of a Western slot machine in your hand. Place your bet, spin and win big prizes in the best free casino game!

Set the bet, the paylines and spin the wheels. If you win, risk your coins in double chance for a greater reward. Check the paytayble for possible wins.
Place your bet and spin the wheels. Risk your win in double chance.

Controls Touch:
Tap the following on screen buttons to choose corresponding action:

Spin - spin wheels
Lines - choose paylines
+ raise your bet
- lower your bet
R (red) - guess red
B (black) -  guess black
Take win - take win
Hold - hold corresponding wheel
Paytable - show paytable and paylines

Controls Keyboard:
2 or navigation key up –  up in game or in menu
8 or navigation key down – down in game or in menu
4 or navigation key left – left in game or in menu
6 or navigation key right – right in game or in menu
5 or central navigation key – select in game or in menu
Left soft key – select,
Right soft key - pause in game, quit in main menu