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2in1 Football & Tennis

2in1 Football & Tennis
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2in1 Football & Tennis

Rp 15,000

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Beli Rp 15,000      Berlangganan  


Football & Tennis 1
Football & Tennis 2
Football & Tennis 3
Football & Tennis 4
Football & Tennis 5

Two simple and fun retro sport games in your palm!
Jump into action packed sport games! Easy to learn, but hard to master! Test your skills in practice mode or friendly matches, or join the championship and compete in tournaments!

Practice your skills in practice mode and learn the basic controls and mechanics. Test your skills in a friendly match or jump right into a world tournament and compete against other national football teams or tennis players.
Test your skills in a friendly match or jump right into a world tournament.

Controls Touch
Tap a player to  select him.
Tap the field to move the selected player.
Tap the kick icon to pass, shoot, slide or head the ball. Hold the kick icon for a stronger kick.
Pause the game and access the in-game options by tapping the pause icon on the bottom right corner of the screen.

To move the player, touch the desired location. When approaching the ball, the player automatically shoots.
To direct the ball before hitting, swipe in the desired direction (right/left) while performing the shot.

Controls Keyboard

2 or navigation key up –  start running with selected player / up in menu
8 or navigation key down – stop selected player / down in menu
4 or navigation key left – move player left / left in menu
6 or navigation key right – move player right / right in menu
5 or central navigation key – kick, pass, slide, head, select. Hold for stronger kick.
Key * - switch between players
Left soft key - options in main menu, select
Right soft key - quit in main menu, back in menu, pause/unpause game

2 or Navigation Key Up – Move player up / Up in menu
8 or Navigation Key Down – Move player down, lob / Down in menu
4 or Navigation Key Left – Move player, aim ball left / Left in menu
6 or Navigation Key Right – Move player, aim ball right / Right in menu
5 or Central Navigation Key – Fire, serve, select
1, 3, 7 a 9 – Move player in diagonals: left up, left down, right up and right down.
Left Soft Key - select
Right Soft Key - quit in main menu, back in menu, pause/unpause game