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Super Hero City

Super Hero City
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Super Hero City





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Super Hero City 2
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Join an awesome action battle journey between epic heroes and legendary dragons in Super Hero School!
Start a magical tour with mythical dragons and extraordinary heroes. lead your team of heroes and dragons to overcome all battle challenges to earn exclusive battle rewards.

- Summon and Collect powerful heroes & dragons to create a stronger team.
- Set your heroes and dragons training while you're away and claim massive rewards.
- Power Up and Evolve heroes & dragons to make them more powerful.
- Get rare heroes and dragons through Fusion!

- Free to play!
- Action hero and dragon war idle game!
- A high quality visual and audio feast!
- Wide range of exciting heroes and dragons!
- Evolve heroes and dragons into epic form!
- Fuse to get mighty heroes and dragons!
- Various battle stages and exclusive rewards!

Super Hero School is not just a game. This is Battle Royale. No need to stress when life calls!