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WhamBam Warriors - Puzzle RPG

WhamBam Warriors - Puzzle RPG
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WhamBam Warriors - Puzzle RPG





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WhamBam Warriors - Puzzle RPG 2
WhamBam Warriors - Puzzle RPG 3
WhamBam Warriors - Puzzle RPG 4

Collect your warriors and jump into a dungeon adventure!

# The puzzle RPG where every move becomes a brain-tickling strategy
Warrior selection, timing and great placement come together for flawless victory
Use your wits to solve each dungeon puzzle!

#Go WhamBam with hundreds of cute but mighty characters!
Over 200 unique warriors ready for battle!
Collect their crazy skills and build your own deck to clear out the creepiest dungeons

#Experience fast-paced PvP mode in the Coliseum!
Meet and battle with users from around the world
Use strategy to create a deck and outplay your opponents!

#Hundreds of stages with endless monsters and devious traps!
Unique monsters with various themes! From slimes to zombies – defeat them all!
Breakthrough difficult stages using creative combination of your warriors!

#Too much to handle? GO WHAMBAM with Diego!!
Outrageous Diego will carry your battle to victory!
But be careful! Diego is a whirlwind of destruction and will do damage to both enemy and allies