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Pool Pro 2

Pool Pro 2
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Pool Pro 2

Rp 15,000

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Beli Rp 15,000      Berlangganan  


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The classic eight-ball pool for your phone! Play against the best in a quick match or tournaments. Use your winnings to buy new and better equipment.

Standard eight-ball pool rules apply. Aim and hit the cue ball to hit and pot the colourful balls into the pockets. Be careful to pot only your own balls (solids or stripes, depending on the first one you pot) and the black one afterwards.
Play at different tables around the world with different stakes and prizes. In tournaments, you have to win three games to win the prize.
You can even buy different avatars and cues which give you a small boost to your play.

Controls Touch
Swipe around the table to aim, swipe the force bar to set the force and release to shoot.
Tap other onscreen icons and buttons for corresponding action (play, pause, etc.).

Controls Keyboard
2 or Navigation Key Up – up in menu / set force
8 or Navigation Key Down – down in menu / set force
4 or Navigation Key Left – left in menu / aim left
6 or Navigation Key Right – right in menu / aim right
5 or Central Navigation Key – select / shoot
Left Soft Key – select
Right Soft Key - quit in main menu, back in menu, pause game