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Ragnarok Rush

Ragnarok Rush
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Ragnarok Rush





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**Install and Play Ragnarok Rush Now! **

Rush into a grand new adventure in the World of Ragnarok Online.

Join forces with Legendary Monsters and fight alongside you to save the world of Ragnarok once again. Explore and travel every city in Rune Midgard from Prontera until Rachel. Experience a whole new adventure in your hands.

Create new memories with all new exciting battles, glorious new visuals, and a whole new original story-line.

* Pet Collection *
Collect all the famous and legendary monsters like Baphomet as one of your Pets!

* Card Collection *
Infuse various MVP card into your weapon and equip slot to Strengthen your Power!

* Godly Item *
Collect all Godly Item from Megingjard, Brynhild, Brisingamen, Mjolnir to become Unbeatable!

* Hero Upgradeable Class *
Train your Hero from Novice and change your class to unlock more potential hidden power within yourself!

* Arena Modes *
Battle with other Player and their teams! Battle for honor! Battle for glory! And also Battle for Loot!

* Convenience Mode *
Let the AI carry it's own fair share of the weight in battle!

* Special Modes *
Scale the Legendary Geffen Tower, Treasure Hunting at Malangdo Island, and hunt down those legendary MVP Monsters!

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