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Sakura Lock Screen

Sakura Lock Screen
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Sakura Lock Screen






Spring is the time when nature awakes and everything becomes more beautiful! So use this wonderful opportunity to beautify your phone with our new Sakura Lock Screen app! Sakura, or cherry blossom, is a symbolic flower of renewal of nature, but it's beauty can be enjoyed for a short time only. What we offer here is a chance to enjoy the mesmerizing sakura fantasy for as long as you want! You can choose one of the wonderful sakura cherry blossom images, set the zip horizontally or vertically, and select your favorite pendant! But this beautiful screen lock doesn't just decorate your phone. It is also a great safety app, and it enables you to set your own pin code to enhance the safety of your device! So don't wait! The sooner you download the Sakura Lock Screen for free, the sooner you will be able to enjoy this lovely sakura wallpaper unlock zipper!

* How to set this beautiful lock screen *

* Open the app
* Check 'enable lock screen'
* To set a passcode, check 'enable pin lock'
* Enjoy your new flower screen lock wallpaper

* Features *

* Choose your favorite sakura wallpaper background
* Set the zip vertically or horizontally
* Pick one of the cute pendants
* Hide the numbers and battery or show them over your cute pink lock screen
* Set the format of time and date
* Take a look at the preview to see if you like your settings

Have you ever seen a “Japanese river filled with cherry blossom petals”? If you have, you know it is one of the most amazing images a person can witness. If not, here is your chance! Just download our “Sakura Lock Screen” and you will be able to enjoy many amazing images of sakura petals on your device. Spring is the “best time to see sakura in Japan”, but even if you are not one of the lucky ones to visit Japan at the time of “falling sakura petals”, you can still enjoy their beauty with this lovely sakura zipper lock app! This beautiful lock screen goes beyond petals on your phone or tablet. Simply using these “flower themes for android free” will enrich your life and fill your days with unique blossom flower art. Turn the simple phone unlocking activity into an amazing experience with this ideal zipper cherry blossom app!

Just imagine “cherry blossom flower petals” floating down the river or covering the surfaces of streets and parks! These romantic sakura images are ready to be enjoyed and with the Sakura Lock Screen you can do that all the time! Every time you use this unlock zip “girly lock screen wallpaper”, you will revel in beautiful flowers covering the screen of your mobile device.
Looking at blossom on trees is nice, but why not take that image wherever you go and look at cherry blossom falling whenever you want! And this “flower wallpaper hd full screen” free zip makes that possible for you! If you usually find yourself in flower mania at spring time and you enjoy flower images, this pink flower theme is definitely right for you! Just download this “safe and secure full screen lock app” and you will get your dose of Japanese cherry blossom right away!

Are you in search of some “girly apps to customize your phone”? How about sakura flower zip lock screen for girls!? It will give you an elegant lock screen, and a chance to enjoy the amazing views of night sakura pink blossom theme at any time! This sakura theme nature lockscreen will make you feel like you are actually in a park, enjoying hanami, the tradition of watching blossoms of sakura flower. It is more than just a cute zipper lock screen. It is this wonderful feeling packed in a beautiful sakura petals lock screen app and created to turn your mobile phone unlocker into the most beautiful flower zipper lock screen you can imagine! Download the Sakura Lock Screen and start enjoying your best free app right now!