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Banana Kong Blast

Banana Kong Blast
FDG Entertainment GmbH & Co.KG - Game
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Banana Kong Blast





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Hop into your barrel cannon and take off for an explosive journey to an all-new world beyond the jungle.
Collect all the delicious bananas on your way and enjoy the sequel to the best free jungle ape runner game!

Pocketgamer: “It looks fantastic, taking clear inspiration from its simian namesake Donkey Kong. A quick glance and you'd think it was a new Rare game.”

How to play:

- Tap the screen to blast off Kong from barrel to barrel. Timing is everything!
- Make use of the environment to safely guide Kong through each level.
- Swing lianas, ride water slides and more!
- Beat special boss levels to rescue animal friends.


- Soundtrack from Sonic Mania Composer Tee Lopes!
- Highly varied, console quality 3D environment with many hidden secrets.
- Bonus Levels like riding on the back of a friendly boar!