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My Oriental Territory:The Qing

My Oriental Territory:The Qing
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My Oriental Territory:The Qing





The Qing 1
The Qing 2
The Qing 3

Experience life in the mysterious Eastern Empire, you can experience a vivid career of being a rising imperial official by acquiring power, and become the most powerful and famous Emperor across the entire Chinese dynasty. Surround yourself with enticing beauties and experience more Chinoiserie features and fun in this game. The beginning of a new era has just begun. Rewrite your own Empire story and to lead your empire to the golden age!


●Meet the lovers
You will encounter beauties with different personalities, choose your queen as you like, and give birth to your next generation.

●Forge alliance:
You can marry belles from all over the world and forge diplomatic ties with many countries. Build an unbreakable alliance with friends to repel the invasion from your competitors.

●Manage your empire:
Oversee your council, handle affairs, issue edicts, and see your empire flourish. Manage your resources like money, food, and soldiers for the development of the empire, strengthen your power to resist any enemies who dare to violate.

●Conquer more lands:
Test your strategy and practice them wisely. For the kingdom, you shall lead your army to conquer the enemy and achieve your great dominance!