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Vir The Robot Boy Run

Vir The Robot Boy Run
Nazara Games - Game
Bonus 1 Poin

Vir The Robot Boy Run





Vir The Robot Boy Run 1
Vir The Robot Boy Run 2
Vir The Robot Boy Run 3

Mad Max is a mad scientist who has captured Vir and wants destroy him. By destroying mankind and the world, the mad scientist plans to create another world, where only he alone can rule. To escape from the clutches of the evil scientist, Vir has to fly and dodge all traps and obstacles set in the Mad Max’s Lab.

An amazing fast paced endless runner.

Fursatganj is in trouble as Mad Max has trapped Vir in his lab. Escape the mad scientist’s lab and stop Mad Max from destroying the world. Unlock 7 different suits that have specials skills and effects. Complete missions to earn more coins.

- Excellent game mechanics
- Easy controls
- Awesome game environment
- Special suits to unlock
- Challenging missions