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Monkey King-Demon Invasion

Monkey King-Demon Invasion
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Monkey King-Demon Invasion





Monkey King-Demon Invasion 1
Monkey King-Demon Invasion 2
Monkey King-Demon Invasion 3


*Explore stunning world
To construct a perfect game world, all the scenes are based on original story with high-quality 3D tech. Enter the fantastic land and experience a splendid tour!

*Unlock thrilling dungeons
In addition to main storyline, tons of mystical realms are waiting for you to discover. Defeat the boss and find the hidden treasure!

*Build unique equipment
A featured system of weapons you've never seen before, create the exclusive artifact that greatly enhances your combat power!

*Enjoy multiple PVP activities
Numerous players around the world are available to accept your invitation in different PVP battles, dare you challenge them?

*Collect strongest heroes
A great master deserves the best array, summon and upgrade a variety of heroes, lead them to conquer the world!