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Celestial Age : Origin

Celestial Age : Origin
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Celestial Age : Origin





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Celestial Age: Origin Available NOW! All NEW Adventure!

Celestial Age: Origin is a stunning real-time 3D MMORPG featured with strong fantasy elements. It establishes a grand universe where braves can embark on an epic fantasy journey and provides a lot of gameplays as well as distinctive gear system for braves to explore freely. Also, its detailed 3D graphics, realistic visuals, and stunning skill effects with smooth control and splendid blow feedback integrated to produce an ultimate gaming experience.

Key Features:

- Transformation System

Transformation is the most characteristic of this game. When you braves reach the certain level and complete the required quest, you can transform into unrivaled Elysians and mow down row after row of evil enemies to protect the land.

- Free Legendary Gears

This land is paved with powerful gears and you braves are able to obtain these equipments by challenging mighty bosses or participating in cross-server battles. As we all know, powerful gears are the main way of improving your BP, so don’t miss any boss event!

- Exclusive Eudemon Companions

Eudemons are your most reliable protectors, and you can boost their power with rare gears and upgrading. They can not only assist you in battles, but also provide different buff to solidify your victory.

- Fancy Gorgeous Outfits

Don’t worry about the “outfit clashes”, because you braves can obtain special-edition outfit and even customize your characters by unlocking achievements, killing bosses and participating different events.
This world is waiting for you!