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FoxOne Advanced Free

FoxOne Advanced Free
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FoxOne Advanced Free





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FoxOne Advanced Edition is a special release of the action flight simulator FoxOne, released last year by SkyFox Games. This Free version contains many of the features of the full version, like the Cockpit View feature, 7 free to play stages, and 5 flyable planes (MiG-21, F-4 Phantom, F-18 Super Hornet, Tornado and Rafale).
This release also includes improved graphics and performance.

Unparalleled sense of speed: feel the thrill of blasting through the skies in 5 different supersonic jets, based on real aircraft models, each one having its place and use in the game.
Incredible small file size (<40MB) with HD graphics quality.

Easy controls: unlike other action flight sims, FoxOne has intuitive and very responsive controls, so you can focus in the battle instead of trying to stay airborne.

Range of different weapons to equip your jet: from the built-in cannons to guided air-to-air and air-to-ground missiles, bombs and unguided rockets.

Destroy reactors and bases hidden deep inside canyons. Gritty and visceral: no cartoony visuals and silly characters, this is the real deal: flying several types of fighter jets as a mercenary fighter pilot is a serious business, and FoxOne's atmosphere is tense and chilling. Fly to live, kill or be killed.