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God Eater 3
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Developer: BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment
Publishers: BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment
Platforms: PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows
Release Date: Early 2019

Lulu Baran is introduced as an AGE (Adaptive God Eater), a new and powerful type of God Eater. During the game, she crosses paths with the protagonists in the Ashlands. She is a loner, sent on tough missions ever since she was a child. In combat, however, she can overwhelm enemies easily with her high mobility – a result of being a test subject of the GOD EATERcombat assisting system called “Acceleration Triggers” at Port Baran.

Port Baran is one of the new locations in GOD EATER 3. The large port’s economy and industry are flourishing while various development facilities focus on research on the Ashlands and AGEs.